Saturday, March 2, 2013

Beda Fell, Angletarn Pikes & Place Fell

Date : 2nd March 2013
Route : From Hause Farm, near Howtown - clockwise ridge route around the Boredale 
Wainwrights : Beda Fell, Angletarn PIkes, Place Fell
Distance : 13 km (8.07 miles) 
Height gained : 780 m (2560 feet) 

 In early March there was a slight lull between the two main downfalls of snow in the lakes this year. Snow was still covering the highest fells but below 2000 feet seemed fairly clear. I wanted to stay lightweight today without donning heavy winter gear so decided to explore the southern Ullswater area which seemed fairly free of snow. Parking up near the foot of the Howegrain valley I headed up onto the ridge above Winter Crag and followed this southwards towards Beda Fell.

Starting point Hause farm (top right)

Parking spot by Hause Farm

A glimpse of Ullswater from the ridge to Beda Head

The Boredale valley

 Once on the ridge the going is easy and mainly over grass with height gained gradually. From Beda Fell summit there is a fine view of the less often seen eastern face of Place Fell.

Place Fell from Beda Fell summit

 Further along ridge are the craggy regions of Bedafell Knott and then Heckbeck Head.

Eastern panorama from Bedafell Knott
Western panorama from Bedafell Knott

Fairfield and St Sunday Crag from Bedafell Knott

Angletarn Pikes from Heckbeck Head

 Angletarn pikes are 2 rocky prominences amidst an otherwise grassy landscape. A bit like the Langdale Pikes, they look more impressive in profile from their southern aspects. From the north they look fairly insignificant but the views from each mini summit are excellent.   

Panorama east from the south-east Angletarn Pike

Angle Tarn from the south-east Angletarn Pike summit
Panorama west from the north-west Angletarn Pike

The Deepdale valley with Fairfield at its head, from the north-west Angletarn Pike
Brothers Water and High Hartsop Dodd from the north-west Angletarn Pike
 It is a gentle stroll  from Angletarn Pikes down to Boredale Hause before the going gets steeper on the ascent to Place Fell.

Looking down to Boredale Hause and Place Fell from Angletarn Pikes

 After the short but steep climb up Place Fell the view opens up and you realise that the summit is still a good distance further north and the 'summit' which you have actually gained is a craggy ridge called Steel Edge. 

Panorama west from Steel edge. Place fell summit far right
Grisedale valley with Helvellyn in cloud, from Steel Edge

Patterdale from Steel Edge

St Sunday Crag from Steel Edge
 An easy path follows the wide ridge towards Place Fells summit where an impressive trig point awaits. The views all round are somewhat restricted by the summit plateau and therefore a short detour to the western flanks is rewarded by a most impressive vista over Ullswater to the Helvellyn range.

Place Fell Summit

Place Fell summit panorama east

Place Fell summit view North

Glenridding from Place Fell western summit flanks

Panorama west from Place Fell western summit flanks

The descending path northwards and the lower Boredale valley
 The path back along the ridge is a grassy stroll but I took a steeper detour eastwards at Low Moss to skirt Hollinghow Gill and then back down to the road in the Boredale valley. And so that is Wainwright numbers 70, 71 & 72 for me. Still a long way to go.

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