Sunday, August 23, 2015

The View from Scafell Pike Summit - Dissected

There is no doubt about it. The view from England's highest mountain is really quite something. Unfortunately the summit is more often under cloud than not and so if you are one of the thousands of folk every year who manage to climb Scafell Pike only to find yourself cruelly robbed of a summit view (been there and bought the T-Shirt ... many times!) then this is for you. It is a video I posted recently showing a slow 360 degree panorama of the view from Scafell Pike summit with all the main surrounding fells and other view points labelled. Of course nothing can replace the majesty of being up there on a clear day but I offer it to you in compensation for your loss, until such time when you muster the courage to try again and your efforts are surely rewarded (but don't count on it!). 

Best viewed on a big screen. 


  1. The music and views on the video are awesome, Steve. I remember watching this some time ago but not being able to comment because of my connection. Thanks for commenting on my blog as it reminded me to come back and enjoy this beautiful video! Such peaceful scenes. I will have to gain a lot of fitness to attempt these walks but one day I hope to make it over there and give them a go. :-)

    1. Thanks Jane. It certainly is a great view from up there but it's also very busy with around 50,000 summit visits per year. I usually tend to stay away for that reason and climb it's much quieter neighbours but I couldn't resist on this day. It was just too close to walk by :-)