Sunday, November 10, 2013

An Autumn Stroll Around Grasmere

Date: 10th November 2013
Route : An anticlockwise circuit of Grasmere from the car park under Nab Scar

This was an autumnal stroll with the family around Grasmere. No chat but some great photos. Grasmere was like glass and the light was superb in the late afternoon as the the sun set over Loughrigg.

Helm Crag

Autumn Reflections

Silver How from the Road

An Acer in full autumn splendour

A kaleidoscope of Autumn colours

looking over to Nab Scar

Helm Crag Reflection

Helm Crag and Seat Sandal over a glass-like Grasmere

Nab Scar over Grasmere

Grasmere island and a fishing boat
Grasmere Island and Seat Sandal reflection

The Waterside Hotel over Grasmere

A friendly swan ....

... stretching its wings - got lucky to catch this pic

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